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    Solar fully enclosed driving sweeper


    Solar fully enclosed driving sweeper

    The self-unloading electric sweeper is an automatic cleaning machine that combines sweeping, sucking and spraying water. It is equipped with a special water pump to spray water to reduce the “dust” generated by the sweeping machine and protect the operators and pedestrians. Secondary pollution. It is equipped with a rechargeable solar roof, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and beautiful, with energy conversion up to 20%. The use of advanced high-performance sealed battery, no need to add moisture in the use, maintenance-free. Suitable for outdoor cleaning (applicable weather -20 ° C -50 ° C) widely used in airports, high-speed service areas, parks, sanitation, cleaning companies, property management companies, schools and other outdoor cleaning. This model can choose double or four brushes, whether it is sprinkled with water, with solar energy, with leaf adsorption device, with scaffolding, semi-closed or fully enclosed.